Global Health Policy (BMedSci Hons)

About the Programme

The intercalated BMedSci (honours) year in Global Health Policy is a unique opportunity to extend your knowledge into a critical understanding of the politics and policies of public health. The programme consists of taught courses and an individual, independently-developed final project. The broad contextual understanding of health provided by this honours option will enable students to appreciate the global factors influencing the health of the populations they serve, to understand the health systems within which they work, and to be effective advocates for global health.

The BMedSci Global Health Policy is an Honours option for intercalating medical students from the University of Edinburgh. Any queries for potential external applicants can also be sent to the Programme Coordinator.

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Dr Sarah Hill provides an introduction to the Intercalated Honours Programme in Global Health Policy and Kirstie-Ann McPherson shares her experience of intercalating in the programme.


"The topics covered are broad and wide ranging, furthering understanding of the world and how it works. The emphasis here is on policy: economic and political perspectives are central to the meaning of this programme...This is your opportunity to meet interesting people from all corners of the globe and hear their perspective on the issues discussed. This all makes for a character-building degree programme with a requirement for enthusiasm and maturity of approach that offers considerable and distinctive learning opportunities."

Jamie McGowan & Andy Davis

"Learning alongside Masters students is a privilege and a great way to meet interesting people from a variety of countries and backgrounds. The course encourages a completely different way of learning, engages you in completely different subject areas, as well as building critical skills such as essay writing and critical appraisal...This degree has changed my outlook not only on many global issues but also has made me appreciate wider aspects of patient care."

Christina Chu

Programme Coordinator:

Semester (2023/4): Dr Mark Hellowell